Thursday, March 27, 2008

Out with the old, in with the new!

Photo taken on the eastern edge of Delhi, December 2006.

Biryani take-out in Walgreens Alcohol Swab packaging!

What is the yummy biryani we bought from the local market doing in Walgreens Alcohol Swab packaging? Especially since we don't have a single Walgreens store in India? We thinks Walgreens has outsourced the packaging of their swabs to India somewhere, and the packagers are selling them to other interested parties as well!

What we see here are either surplus packages, or defective packages in some way, or the manufacturers just make some extra to sell, and don't bother removing the Walgreens signage because its too much of a hassle!

Also, note that the packaging is for individual swabs, and so is not cut to the size originally designed for! The aluminum/paper sheets have been cut and made into this size especially for the biryani!

In case you're wondering, the biryani was delicious (and spicy-hot) and the packaging kept it warm for quite a while! Hopefully it was safe to eat!