Wednesday, December 02, 2009

More Delhi Metro Maps

I made a few more maps of Delhi Metro routes on google maps. The first is of already active routes. The stations are already marked on the actual map itself - my map then just marks out the actual routes of the lines ... or lines of the routes, whichever way you understand it!

The second map includes Phase 2 routes currently under construction. The good thing about these google maps is that I can update them as more lines become operational.

The third is my speculative map of possible Phase 3 routes. My previous post about Phase 3 plans explains the speculative origins of this map (click here to go to that post), though a recent article in the Hindustan Times also supports these speculations. Again with this map I can keep updating the routes as we get to know more about them.

I couldn't link anymore to the Hindustan Times article, but here's the map from that article.