Monday, February 02, 2009

Dog Day Sholay

I put together this comparison many many moons ago, and thought I should add it to the blog. It's between the posters of Dog Day Afternoon and (a part of the poster of) Sholay. Both movies were released in 1975, and I love the similarities - always with slight differences - between Al Pachino and Amitabh Bachchan - the stance, shirt, sleeves, collars, gun, hair, face, "angry yound man" expression etc etc. Since they were both released in the same year, I suspect it's less a matter of ripping-off and more to do with the times!


  1. wow! the similarity is too cool. have to still read thru the other posts... but many of the photos are fantastic... i like the streetlights ones and of course varanasi as strip and as spectacle.

  2. sholay - relesed - 15th AUG -75
    dog day- relesed - sep 75

    Indians sure did not rip it off ...unless of coures like you brania story ..both the movies produces hired same press i.e the amricans hired the india as it is cheeper here ... but i cant say i like sholay as much as i like dog day ...


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