Monday, June 14, 2010

Sarson ke khet sightings in popular culture

First a sarson ke khet sightings in pop media:

This is an ad(/public service announcement) for a serial on some TV channel known as "Star Gold". Note the sarson ke khet flowing in the breeze behind the girl - symbolizing her simplicity, purity and good old traditional Punjabi values! Note her longing but weary gaze at the airplane that brings her NRI groom and her passport to happiness! Note the airplane tearing the red wedding cloth into two, symbolizing the troubles ahead with obtaining that happiness passport! Too good!

And on a more political note, a sarson ke khet sighting in the news media, and on the Indo-Pak border no less! Or at least I'm assuming it's the Indo-Pak border (on which other border will you find sarsok ke khet leheraofying anyway?). Also note that the sarson ke khet seem to be on both sides of the border! I wonder on which side the mustard is greener (answer - NEITHER/BOTH)!

(TOI May 25th)

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