Friday, September 03, 2010

On and Around the Delhi Metro: Green Line

I thought I'd finish exploring and photographing Delhi Metro's existing lines before the (entire, for Phase 2) Yellow and Violet lines open, but of course this post goes out on the day the yellow line extension becomes operational! In any case, here are photos from the far flung (at least from where I live) Green Line, which turns out to be a very interesting line to visit.

Heading almost due west on Rohtak Road like an outstretched tentacle out of "inner" Delhi, the green line reaches Mundka via Nangloi. After it crosses the Outer Ring Road, the scenery seems to progressively change from that of Delhi to that of small-town Haryana, and the road becomes lined with rows of small concrete-box shops with their steel shutters up, or small-scale industrial buildings. By the time the metro crosses Nangloi, we could easily be passing through a small town in Haryana rather than Delhi.

I guess Delhi the idea (in all it's craziness and multifariousness) still has to reach many parts of Delhi the state! This statement is surprising even to me, because there is so much of "not-Delhi" even in the heart of Delhi, and yet places like Mundka do not feel like other parts of the city. I guess what this means is that places like Mundka have not had even a touch of Delhi brought to them yet, even though they are well within Delhi state.

Here's a link to the images below at my green line flickr set. Clicking on the images here enlarges them for full effect.


Currently the green line starts at the Inderlok station, where it interchanges with the Red Line at it's eastern-most point.

Panoramas of Inderlok station, with it's mall to the left. Green line platforms are to the right

The green line side of Inderlok station

Soon after leaving Inderlok station, the green line passes uncomfortably close to houses at Tulsi Nagar

Note the barrier on the metro line at the point nearest to the buildings

Shivaji Park

Paschim Vihar West

Metro station alongside residences

Metro station as visible from the nearby residential colony


Metro line crossing the outer ring road at Peeragarhi

Udyog Vihar

Surajmal Stadium

Rohtak Road below metro line at Surajmal Stadium station

Looking towards Surajmal Stadium station from Nangloi


Nangloi station and flyover

Buildings demolished for the metro line at Nangloi

This image is a composite of two photographs so the perspective is a bit askew, but it shows the metro line and an inside street

Looking towards Nangloi RS metro station from Nangloi

Rajdhani Park

This is where things really begin to look like Haryana!


Mundka station - the current terminal station for the green line. Haryana continues all around the metro station/line!

A metro pillar almost trampling a sweets shop

Mundka station panoramas from the parking lot

Rohtak Road under Mundka station

Demolished buildings adjacent to Mundka station


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