Sunday, May 01, 2011

Delhi Metro Phase III planned routes map

Google map with updated Delhi Metro phase 3 planned routes. The dark lines are phase 1 & 2 active routes. Lighter lines are planned phase 3 routes. The blue line is the airport express line. Click on the static map below to get to the Google map.

Phase 3 planned routes

The next map shows what the system will look like once phase 3 is complete. The colors on the map match the actual line color-codes (for all known color-codes).

What the system will look like once phase 3 is complete


  1. Dont know if my previous comment got to you, but according the newspaper reports, the IRR line from mukundpur to yamuna vihar, passes via welcome instead of dilshad garden on its way to yamuna vihar.
    What do you think ?

  2. Hi, ya there is some doubt about this. I think it'll be hard for DM to touch both Anand Vihar as well as Welcome stations, so I think the info coming out is wrong about one of those stations. We'll have to see what DM decides - the news reports say that the Yamuna Vhar section will be one of the first to begin construction, so we should know pretty soon!

  3. ya i was wondering about the connection from anand vihar to welcome as well looking at the street maps.
    Another possibility is that they will connect preet vihar metro straight to welcome and then on to yamuna vihar. I doubt if they can get the fact about metro passing thru welcome wrong in the reports coming out.

    This way, in theory you can say that IRR line is yamuna vihar, welcome, preet vihar, anand vihar (preet vihar to anand vihar already exists) and then onto mayur vihar and so on..

    I guess we will have to wait and see.

  4. Another rationale being that making it pass thru welcome might cover more of east delhi rather than it hugging the delhi border when it passes via anand vihar. For some reason, delhi metro is prioritizing delhi coverage and not too bothered about extending it outside delhi.

  5. The rationale for prioritizing Delhi is, I think, that DM sees it's network as covering Delhi state, and not the entire NCR. For other cities in the NCR, DM envisions the respective states as developing their own public transport systems.

    Already, just to cover Delhi itself as a dense gridded network, DM will become a huge urban rail system. They don't want to expand this grid to other cities in the NCR, instead they are expanding single lines into these cities as connectors to come into Delhi. It is the task of the other states to develop a gridded public transport system for their cities, which will then feed the DM connector lines in those cities.

    Btw there is a community that follows DM news pretty closely at the skyscrapercity website.


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